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Factors that You Should Put into Consideration Before Buying a Jack Hammer

This is just a pneumatic or electro-mechanical apparatus that connects the hammer directly with a blade. Apart from that, some of them are powered by electricity as gas powers others. It is also referred to as concrete breaker or demolition hammer. You might find very hard to choose a jackhammer for your next contracted job especially if you didn’t know what you should be looking for. You should know that there is a channel and things that you have to know before you decide on the jackhammer. This will save you from choosing the wrong tool that might compromise your capability. Discussed herein are some of the things that you need to consider before you choose jackhammer for your next project.

It is important to see if you will need gas, electric or pneumatic jackhammer. Some of the things that will determine this is the mobility of the project, the intended use and the power requirement of the project. Like you find that gas jackhammers will be good with projects that need high strength and constant mobility. On the other hand, if you intend to handle small projects which are less severe it will be good to buy electric or pneumatic jackhammers. Generally gas models are always providing more power and versatility. Also, we have electronic models which are still cheap, light and requires a constant plugin to electricity. Pneumatic models always use compressed air, are versatile and is suitable for light duties like breaking rocks and concrete walls. Rushing into making decisions will not help but you should instead carry your work assessment first.

Besides, you should also consider percussion rate and impact. Percussion rate is measured per minute and is the ability of the stick to demolish a surface. Jack hammers with higher percussion rate always come with a reliable engine which enhances its ability to break rocks. It is advisable that you make the proper selection for efficiency purposes. Besides, it is better to select the breaker that is above your obligations to preserve the machine.

Apart from that, you should even feel the importance of jackhammer. With the weight of the breaker, you will be in a position to have a rough idea of the kind of duty it can handle. For the people who have significant projects that involve the demolition of harder covers, they should go for heavy concrete breakers. We also have lighter jackhammers which are majorly used in handling small projects such as breaking ceilings, walls and all other surfaces that are above the ground.

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