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6 Organizing Tips for Less Clutter and Less Stress

Do you feel like you are missing out on life amid a wind of activities and personal drama’s? Would you want more relaxed days? That is not likely to occur but what can happen is you may decrease clutter and simplify your life by making a few simple decisions and making a couple of changes. These six tips will go a long way in helping you reduce clutter as well as make your life easier.

1. If you have been avoiding doing a task and it keeps nagging at you, it’s time to finish it. Having the most challenging project or tasks done and out of your way will make you less worried of doing it later and then you will have the freedom to move on to the things that you would prefer doing with a clear conscience.

2. Do you get lots of paper coming on a daily basis into your home? You can decide to stop paper stressing you out, taking your up your time and cluttering your space. Get off junk mail lists. Some companies can help remove you from unwanted mail lists. To find out about such companies, do an internet search. They can help you reduce the junk mail by over 90%. So, reduce the number of unwanted email and catalogues you are currently receiving.

3. Minimise clutter in your office, home and automobile. Having plenty of stuff causes anxiety because it requires some time and effort for maintenance and it takes our attention away from other things need to focus on. It wastes our time since we have clutter lying around and just can’t seem to find things that we need quickly. You can donate or sell unwanted and unused products.

4. Getting rid of debt may reduce clutter if this is something that is on the mind and you stress about. Or if you use your cards to buy stuff just because it’s available on sale, a good but or simply too good or pass up and you do not need. Having fewer things makes things easier.

5. Pay your bills online and get your statements online rather than receiving ending paper bills. This means that you do not have to get envelops, stamps (saving you money) and go to the mailbox. Make a folder on your personal computer to send the alert you when you receive notifications on paid bills from your bank. This is a great method of reducing clutter.

6. Rather than attempting to recall everything you have in your mind, make use of a planner. Take it along with you everywhere you go. This will reduce clutter in your purse, car, in your kitchen counter since there won’t be notes stuck all over.

Think of all the advantages you get from reducing clutter and simplifying your life. Keep your eyes focused on the goal as you try to make your life easier.

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