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Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is a form of cannabis that physicians recommend for patients. Use of cannabis as medicine has not been globally accepted as much as a good number of nations have legalized it and as well used it for other enjoyment purposes. The proponents of medical marijuana have argued that it presents a lot of health benefits for the patients. Some of the paramount benefits are outlined below.

One of the most common benefits of medical marijuana is in pain relief property. This is possible more so for individuals that suffer from chronic pains. One key factor in its appeal is that it’s much safer than opiates which are easily becoming an addiction to many individuals and it’s also far less addictive. Medical marijuana has also been discovered to fight diseases like Parkinson by reducing tremors that are associated with it.

Marijuana has been known for a very long time to be good at improving appetite levels of patients suffering from different ailments. Medical marijuana is not any different to this. It is greatly recommended more so to patients that are suffering from human immune virus as a method of boosting their appetite. Cancer patients have also been known to experience loss of appetite especially after those draining chemotherapy sessions. Medical marijuana therefore comes in place in boosting their appetite and also easing pain patients go through which is very uncomfortable. Medical marijuana is also useful in treating of mood and anxiety-related disorders. It is recommended for soldiers returning home from battlefields who tend to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Another significant benefit that medical marijuana serves is its ability to stop rapid spread of cancer cells in the body. Medical marijuana stifles growth of specific tumor linked to eighty percent cases of malignant brain tumors. The two major compounds of medical marijuana – Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) have shown the ability to suppress the growth of cancer cells when experimented with mice. This has further strengthened the capability of marijuana in fighting cancer.

The THC compound in medical marijuana has been discovered to slow the progress of Alzheimer disease more so in the common old generation bracket. THC has the ability of stifling creation of amyloid plaques that kill brain cells which are connected to Alzheimer disease. Medical marijuana assist in easing muscle spasms experienced by patient that suffer multiple sclerosis. These patients who suffer from extremely painful muscle spasms have had no success in getting help from other medications, but upon smoking marijuana for a couple of days, they experienced great relief from their agony.

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