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Pluses of SMS Marketing for Businesses

There is need for businesses to enhance their marketing strategies through embracing text messages marketing. There is a fallacy that trends amongst entrepreneurs and businesses that mobile phone marketing is extremely expensive as they’ll have to develop an application that is mobile phones supported. It is through using SMS that businesses embraces mobile phone marketing. Basically, SMS marketing for businesses is highly productive and beneficial. The points highlighted in this article acquaints you with fundamental benefits experienced whenever you use SMS marketing strategy.

First and foremost, you stand a chance of reaching the targeted customer immediately. Text messages are always fast enough as compared to other marketing channels. There are studies carried out on how people respond to text messages and the results of the study shows that more than 97% of all the mobile phone users endeavor to check and respond to the messages delivered to their phones within fifteen minutes. In other words, for the 100 SMS you send to prospect clients, 97 of them will be opened within 15 minutes. Consequently, you will be assured of having at least half of the 97% responding to the message instructions.

Through SMS marketing, you could have a database created as you simplify and enhance response through availing shortcodes. Basically, after incorporating a shortcode in your message body, customers will use it to avail their response. Therefore, they will only feed in the shortcode and you will be able to develop a database in your end.

Another fundamental benefit that an entrepreneur and their business at large gets to benefit with is support for other marketing strategies as well as integration. With SMS marketing, you are assured of reaching out to multiple prospects. Therefore, a business can embrace the accessibility of this channel to promote the other channels ,like the emails. For example, you could decide to remind all the people in your email list about the email you sent a day or two before and have them opening it.

The last benefit that a business gets to enjoy from the SMS marketing channel, they get irrefutable and indispensable connection, and interaction with their customers. Through the short messages, you are assured of knowing the customers as they respond to the analysis you avail. Through this channel you are assured of communicating all the offers availed by your business. It is after reading the text messages that prospects contact you trying to confirm the availability of the offers.

Today, customers are conversant with SMS marketing strategies and there is need to consider it for your business. Text messages marketing process is simple and highly affordable. The database you develop will be used to evaluate and determine whether you have been growing as a business.

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