The Many Benefits of Purchasing a Medicare Supplement Plan F

Medicare is a governmental insurance plan that is available to seniors who are 65 and older. While this insurance covers many medical costs, there are still many out-of-pocket expenses that individuals may face. Medigap supplemental plans help to reduce these extra costs. Supplement Plan F remains a favorite option for many.

Benefits of Plan F

Every Medicare beneficiary is offered Part A. While this insurance has a low deductible, it doesn’t cover everything. Supplement Plan F kicks in to cover these other expenses. Some of the items covered by Plan F are deductibles, co-insurance, co-payments, nursing home fees and hospice care.

The majority of individuals on Medicare are also on a limited, fixed income. The additional coverage offered by Plan F helps to reduce the stress of medical bills. Even if a person is relatively healthy, it only takes one hospital stay to completely empty their bank account.

Cost of Plan F

Since it is a voluntary, supplemental option, there are monthly premiums for Plan F. Each insurance company should clearly outline the cost of the plan before enrolling an individual. Insurance companies set their own premiums, and some may offer additional benefits or discounts for their policies.

Supplement Plan F is typically priced higher than other Medigap plans. This is because Plan F offers the most comprehensive coverage. Those with this Medigap plan know they will not have any surprise medical bills after visiting a doctor or hospital.


Every Medigap policy is standardized, including Plan F. This means that every supplemental plan comes with the same coverage, no matter where it is purchased. Standardization of Medigap policies has been in effect since 1991.

For Plan F, standardization means that beneficiaries enjoy the same comprehensive coverage. No company can offer more or less coverage. Network coverage does not change. When buying Plan F, consumers will not be forced to change doctors. All claims are also processed in the same way.

Even though Medicare offers an impressive list of benefits, consumers may still be forced to pay more for medical care than they can afford. Many people like the extra coverage that is provided by supplement Plan F. Be sure to click here to learn more about how Plan F can help you save money in the long haul.